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How to Work Electricity Unit Using Cooperative Learning

Electricity is a form of energy produced by the movement of electrons.

However, in order to understand this concept clearly, we should speak about electric charge and electric current, among other things.

In this post, you can learn how Electricity works using  cooperative learning groups.

Let's start

Remember, when you work cooperative, you need to follow next rules:

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𝟏.- You should answer the following questions at the end of this lesson:
  • Can you explain the meaning of  the electric current?
  • What are the components of an electric circuit?
  • What types of electric effects are there?
You need to find answers to this questions following this lesson and with the help of your partners group.

So, go for it!

𝟐.- See the following presentation and  reply to the questions that you will find on it.
    • What key concepts can you come across on it? Retrieve at least seven and write them in your notebook.

Copy the presentation in your notebook at home.

𝟑.- Watch the following video:

 And think about the following questions:
    • How can electrons leave their atoms and attach to others?
    • What happens with the first object?
    • What is this situation called?
    • What is this quick movement of electrons called?
    • What happens when a charge imbalance is neutralized by being released between clouds?
We are going to have a discussion about them, so take notes in your notebook about the answers.

What part of this lesson was the best for you?

Did you learn something new?

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