lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Build a Resistant Structure Using Drinking Straws

Would you like to make a resistant structure using drinking straws?

If so, you only need to pay attention to this post, and you will have an oportunity to do it.;-)

Firstly, do you remember what is a structure?

A structure is the set of elements in a body that are intended to resist the effects of the forces that act on it.

As you know, a structure prevents a body from breaking or becoming too deformed.

Apart from that, you can follow these steps in order to make this easy structure.

  • You will need the following materials:
    • 26 Drinking straws.
    • 1 Paperclip.
    • A roll of adhesive tape.
    • A pair of scissors.
  • Then, you will need to make three triangles and three squares like these ones:

  • In order to do it, you have to cut straws a bit.

  • If you join three triangles, and three squares after that, you will have two important parts of this structure.

  • Now, we are going to make a little experiment. Try to press a triangle on one corner, and do the same with a square on two of the corners. What happens in both cases?

  • In this step, you probably find necessary to reinforce the structure with a diagonal stick. 
          Would it still be possible to deform it by pressing on those two opposite corners?

  • As a result, the shape of a structure determines its rigidity.  To design a structure that cannot be deformed we use Triangulation. In other words, we add bars to a structure to form triangles and make them impossible to deform.

  • In the following step, you have to put together these two parts, and you will have the final structure.

  • Finally, put the hook on the top, and you will able to hang small loads up on it.

          (You can make a hook using the paperclip).

Make your own structure and go in for a competition. If your structure can bear the heavier load, you will win an extra mark. 

You can watch all the process in this visual story.

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