miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Types of Plastics

Plastics play a big role in our daily lives. You only need to look around and count the number of things made of plastic. 

So, why is plastic so important to produce things nowadays? (Question 1).

Pay attention because this is the essential question that you will need to answer today.;-)


  • In groups of four people, we are going to learn about plastics by generating a collaborative work.
  • For that reason, watch the following video, and take notes in your notebook about the key vocabulary, and the steps to produce plastics.

  • Now it is the perfect moment to brainstorm ideas related with this process. You can say key words, for example, firstly with your teammates and after that, every group could share this information. 

Most plastics are produced from petrochemicals

There are three main types of plastics.

  • Do you know them? (Question 2)
  • Do you think they have the same or different properties? (Question 3)
In order to find out, pay attention to the following presentation.

  • Now, in groups, try to find out the answers of the previous questions, (1,2 and 3).

  • Make a mind map with all the information related to the plastics that you have learned today.
And finally, watch the following video about the life cycle of a plastic bottle.

What do you think is the best use we can do with this material?

Thank you for your attention. I hope this lesson about Plastics can be useful for you.

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