lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Technical Documents for a Project

A technical project is made up of plans, diagrams and texts that define the production and assembly of an object.

We are getting used to making objects in the Technology workshop. However, today I have a suggestion for you: Would you like to work as an engineer?;-)

In this case, it is time to learn how to create our projects using technical documents.

Task 1

In groups of three people complete the following sketchnote.

Task 2

The documents and drawings for a technical project should have features and elements to ensure that they can be understood clearly.

So, they have the following two elements:
  • Margin: it is the space between the drawing and the edge of the paper. Its measure usually is at least 8 mm from the edge of the sheet. 
  • Title block: it is a table with information about the drawing. You can find it at the bottom of the sheet of paper, so it can be read when the sheet is folded up.

Can you point at these two elements in the drawing?

Task 3

As you can see in the previous plan, the title bock shows important information about the project. 

In this word cloud you can read the elements that compound a title block. 

Define the meaning of every title block's element, and try to guess the place of every element in the previous plan.

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